Independence. It's important to participants.
Your participants trust you to provide objective advice. Financial Engines helps you do just that. We have your participants' interests in mind—we don't receive commissions or sell investments. Our goal is to help participants reach their retirement goals, by offering personalized plans for saving, investing, and retirement income.
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It's critical for your company.
Our independent services protect your fiduciary interests. We agree in writing to be a fiduciary of your plan and to indemnify you. Plus, our managed account program provides Investment Manager protections under ERISA and can meet QDIA criteria. Want to know more?
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No hassle. Full integration with your recordkeeper.
Financial Engines makes it easy to provide the independent, objective advice your participants need. We're fully integrated with your recordkeeper, so everything works effortlessly—with no hassles for you or your participants.
A recent study found that those who use professional investment "Help" experienced better 401(k) returns—and 70% more wealth at retirement. > Download the report.
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